Our Dream

After owning this wonderful Classic car for six years it has become increasingly clear that we must share it with the world.  How to do it was the next question?  Shall we take out a full-page ad in the NY Times and tell our brief story?  Shall we sell it to a wealthy baron in England who would do a frame-off restoration, then take it to Pebble Beach the second time?  Gift it to a museum where a few thousand people would pay to see it behind ropes.  No, we will take it on the road and drive it to all thirty-three cities in America with the Auburn name, beginning in Auburn, California and ending in Auburn, Maine.  We will take the world along with us on social media and make the world proud that Made in America really does mean something special.


We will tell the story on a daily basis on social media, as well as chronicle the uniqueness of each city and the very special people and places along the way in a Coffee Table book “Auburn Across America

Dave and Monika