About the 1935 Auburn Coupe 851

This particular Auburn Coupe 851 rolled out the doors of the Auburn Automobile factory in Connersville, Indiana, sometime in the early months of 1935.


We know it was the early part because each year Auburn started the VIN numbers of their new models with 1000, and this Auburn is VIN No. 1950 of some 3,300 Auburn automobiles assembled that year, which sadly was to be the last year of production.


There were a few 1936 models assembled, basically made from parts left over from 1935.  But the challenge of keeping up with the major automobile manufacture’s at the time became too great, the market for selling cars in the high-end market grew very narrow, and along with the Auburn the two other marvelous automobiles, the Cord and Duesenberg, coming out of the same factory were also brought to a screeching halt.

Dave and Monika